AEM – A Peak into its History

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps and forms. And it makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets.

A powerhouse combo for your content and digital asset management needs.

Get personalized, content-led experiences into market faster with Adobe Experience Manager, which combines digital asset management with the power of a content management system.

AEM – History

(Day Communiqué) CQ5 was originally started by a Swiss company Day Software in early 2000 with the name “Communique”. CQ is the short form of “Communique”.

Day Software was acquired by Adobe Systems on 28 July 2010 for US$240 million after Day CQ 5.3 release.

AEM – Many Names

– Day Communiqué WCM
– Communiqué
– Day Software’s CQ
– Adobe CQ
– Adobe WEM
– Adobe WCM
– Adobe Experience Manager or AEM

Day CQ 1.0

Released: Early 2000

Started by a Swiss company Day Software

CGI Scripts for Netscape Enterprise Server

AEM was born

Day CQ 2.0

Released: Early 2000

Standalone application (single binary)

C Programming Language

HTTP Server embedded

File system based page (content) storage

Day CQ 3.0

Released: Early 2000

Communique 2 rewritten as a Web Application in Java

HTTP Server separated out (birth of CQSE)

Content Bus storage (connectors for various file formats, databases, etc

Day CQ 3.5

Released: 2002

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Lot of Bug Fixes

Day CQ 4.0

Released: 2005

Content Bus storage over JCR (CRX 1.0)

Two Web Applications: CRX and CQ

Bug Fixes

Day CQ 4.1

Released: 2006

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Lot of Bug Fixes

Day CQ 4.2

Released: 2008

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Lot of Bug Fixes

Day CQ 5.0

Released: 2008


Complete Rewrite of (almost) everything

Day CQ 5.2

Released: 2009

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Lot of Bug Fixes

Day CQ 5.3

Released: 2009

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Lot of Bug Fixes

Day CQ 5.4

Released : 2011

Day Software Acquired by Adobe and first version of CQ released under Adobe.

Managing Websites for Mobile Devices

Managing the CQ Workflow Inbox on the iPhone/iPad

Authoring with the iPad



CRX Clustering


Video Component

Carousel Component

Working with Workflows


Community Console


Day CQ 5.5

Released - 2012

New architecture- OSGI based architecture.

New undo/redo functionality while editing content.

New Analytics Framework based on an integration with Adobe SiteCatalyst.

New integration with Adobe Search&Promote.

Improved integration with Adobe Test&Target.

Improved Campaign Manager UI.Integration with Adobe Scene7.

XMP metadata write-back for selected file formats.

CQ DAM Proxy and Proxy Workers.Using a Proxy to Integrate with InDesign Server.

Remote server monitoring and management via Java Management Extensions (JMX).

Page Exporter

Adobe Experience Manager 5.6

Release: 2013

Adobe renamed CQ5 to Adobe Experience Manager

Introduction to Touch UI

Offloading Jobs

Adobe Experience Manager 6.0

Released: 2014

Replaced CQSE with Jetty

New HTML Template language (HTL)- formerly known as Sightly

Jackrabbit Oak (aka Jackrabbit 3)

Upgrade CRX repository from CRX 2.0 to CRX 3.0

Deprecated the concept of reverse replication and introduced UGC (User Generated Content) or social communities.

Touch UI became functional.

New implementation for Social Component Framework (using handlebar JS template Language ).

Adobe Experience Manager 6.1

Released: 2015

Improved Touch UI Authoring interface(usable)

Introduced Cold standby Topology for disaster recovery.

Introduced transient workflows.

Lot of improvements for Touch UI Interface.

Adobe Experience Manager 6.2

Released: 2016

Lot of User Interface Improvements. 

Dashboard for Monitoring Queues.

Introduction of content fragment.

Introduced editable templates using template editor.

Adobe Experience Manager 6.3

Released - 2017

Introduction to Production-ready components (Core Components)

Experience fragments

Stable online revision Clean up(online tar compaction)

Bulk workflow

Performance and scale enhancements

Community ideation

Source user generated content3D assets

Asset templates

High-quality file format and color management

Adobe Experience Manager 6.4

Released: 2018

Style System

Short Codes

Experience Fragments Building Blocks and Experience Fragments integration with Adobe Target

Structured Content Fragments and Summarization

TouchUI Workflow Editor

Metadata Export and Import

Cascading Metadata Rules

Asset Reports

AEM Smart Tags and Smart Translation Search

Adobe Experience Manager 6.5

Released: 2019

Integrate Adobe Assets with Adobe Stocks.

Brand Portal Capabilities

Adobe Experience Manager SPA (Single Page Application) Editor.

Smart Crop.

Visual Search.

Headless Content Delivery.

Automated Forms Conversion.

Reusing Workflow Across Multiple Adaptive Forms.


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